Onur Buldu debuts movie “Smile” in front of cinema audience

The Turkish movie “Smile” will hit theaters on June 2nd and is produced by Avcı Film and Su Yapım. The movie is written and directed by Sezgin Cengiz and Şiyar Gedik and stars Onur Buldu, Seda Turkmen, Adem Tosun, Guvenc Selekman, Ozlem Gok, and Emir Cubukcu. The story revolves around Mustafa, a 35-year-old who works in the archives of a state institution and is known for his sullen and asocial personality. However, his life becomes absurd overnight in this black comedy, which feeds off the tragicomic situations that befall him.

Mustafa’s friend Zeki tries to make Mustafa smile to change his image, but things go wrong, and Mustafa’s new image does not produce a positive result. Additionally, he learns that his father was hospitalized in Denizli and his leg was amputated, which leads to unexpected mistakes. According to the plot, “Smile” presents Mustafa’s darkly humorous journey as he confronts his altered circumstances and discovers the meaning of true laughter.

The movie is set against the backdrop of Istanbul, Turkey, and promises to provide a unique viewing experience for audiences. If you are interested in black comedies, tragicomic situations, or Turkish cinema, “Smile” might be the perfect movie for you. So hurry up and mark your calendars for June 2nd to watch this film in theaters!


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