Optimizing Athletes and Horses for Fifth World Nomad Games

Kazakhstan’s National Sports Association Prepares for World Nomad Games

As the fifth World Nomad Games approach, Kazakhstan’s National Sports Association is ramping up preparations by establishing two scientific groups focused on horse breeding and athlete training. The games are set to take place from Sept. 8-13 in Astana.

These scientific groups consist of leading experts in veterinary medicine, biology, genetics, sports psychology, and sports medicine. Their main focus is to closely monitor the functional and psychological state of athletes and sports horses during training camps and competition sites.

“We aim to thoroughly prepare athletes for the World Nomad Games. We plan to conduct monitoring of their functional and mental state, as well as their physical conditioning,” said Anatoly Kulnazarov, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences and head of the integrated research group.

The work of these groups involves teams participating in various traditional nomadic sports such as kokpar, tenge ilu, audaryspak, zhamby atu, and traditional archery. The scientists assess the athletes’ bodies, determine their nutritional needs, monitor their biorhythms, and organize their nutrition plan accordingly.

Another group of Kazakh scientists is dedicated to improving the diet and functional state of the horses participating in the competitions. They evaluate the training and endurance of the horses to ensure they are in optimal condition for the games.

Both scientific teams will conduct testing on athletes and horses at the Olympic Training Center over the course of three months to ensure they are well-prepared for the upcoming World Nomad Games.


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