“ÖSYM Releases Results for Contracted IT Personnel Interviews”

ÖSYM Announces Results for Contracted Informatics Personnel Interviews

The Evaluation Center of Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) has recently announced the contracted informatics personnel interview results. ÖSYM conducted interviews on March 7th, 8th, and 9th for the recruitment for 33 contracted IT personnel.

According to a statement on the official website, the evaluation process for the interviews has been completed. Candidates can now access their results via https://kariyerkapisi.cbiko.gov.tr. ÖSYM confirms that 31 of the applicants were successful in the interview round.

The announcement of these results follows the high demand for IT personnel in the country. The recruitment of IT officials by the government aims to provide a solution in the sector’s current shortage of qualified personnel.

The competition was fierce, with the applicants highly qualified and experienced. Nonetheless, the successful candidates have shown their potential to take up the challenge and contribute positively to the government’s initiatives.

ÖSYM is pleased to have completed the process and congratulates all of those who passed the interview stage. The successful candidates will continue with the next steps outlined in the recruitment process.

The announcement also demonstrates the general support the public has for government IT initiatives. As the world becomes more dependent on technology, the need for government IT personnel will only grow. We can expect to see renewed recruitment efforts as the government continues to fill staff positions to meet the demand.

Overall, this latest announcement from ÖSYM provides a positive outlook, not just for the successful candidates but for the entire IT sector. It showcases the government’s commitment to IT personnel development and the need to strengthen the industry’s workforce.


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