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ÖSYM to Hold Two Exams on May 18

The ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) has announced that the 2024 TR YÖS/1 exam will be conducted in 60 exam centers across 17 provinces in Turkey and 33 countries abroad, including Nicosia. A total of 23,999 candidates will participate in the exam, which will be available in Turkish, German, English, French, Russian, and Arabic.

The exam, which will feature 80 questions – 40 from the Numerical Aptitude Test and 40 from the Basic Mathematics Test, will be proctored by 3,793 individuals, including police officers. The results of the exam will be released on June 14, and its validity period will be 2 years from that date.

Prof. Dr. Bayram Ali Ersoy, the President of ÖSYM, highlighted that foreign candidates aiming to study at higher education institutions in Turkey can take the 2024 TR-YÖS exam and utilize their results for their application process. He emphasized ÖSYM’s successful track record in conducting examinations and expressed that new international initiatives will further bolster Turkey’s higher education landscape.

In addition, the upcoming e-YÖKDİL 2024/3 English-Science exam is set to take place in four provinces – Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and Adana. Approximately 4,989 candidates will participate in this exam, where 208 individuals, including police officers, will be involved in the administration. The exam will commence at 13:45 in 46 halls, allowing candidates 180 minutes to answer 80 questions. Candidates must be present at the exam buildings by 13:30 to ensure entry.



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