Over 1 Million People Apply for TEKNOFEST, says Selçuk Bayraktar on NTV

Over 1 Million Competitors Apply to TEKNOFEST, Says Chairman

More than one million competitors applied to participate in this year’s TEKNOFEST, an event held at Istanbul Atatürk Airport that showcases the latest innovations in technology and entrepreneurship, according to the Chairman of the Board, Selçuk Bayraktar.

Bayraktar made the announcement during an interview with Osman Terkan from the NTV team. He also noted that the event has attracted a great deal of attention and interest from the public.

TEKNOFEST has become an important platform for young entrepreneurs and innovators in Turkey to showcase and develop their skills and ideas. The event features a wide range of competitions, exhibitions, and forums that allow participants to showcase their latest innovations and to share their ideas with others.

This year’s event has already seen a number of exciting developments, including a spectacular performance by SoloTürk, a Turkish Air Force aerobatics team, which performed a series of breathtaking stunts against the backdrop of the airport.

Overall, TEKNOFEST provides a unique opportunity for young people to connect with one another and to develop new ideas and innovations that will help to shape the future of Turkey and the world. With the continued growth and popularity of the event, it is clear that the future of technology in Turkey is very bright indeed.


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