Overhaul of Patient Care Services Planned for Budapest in the Fall

The new on-call system will be launched in Budapest in October, Minister of State for Health Péter Takács announced at a conference. The detailed decree will be published in the Hungarian Gazette on June 10.

The upcoming introduction of the new on-call system in Budapest was confirmed by Péter Takács during a conference hosted by the GPs Online Organisation. According to a report by Economx, the system is set to be implemented in October.

Local GP Attila Keczéry from Zugló, who attended the conference, corroborated Takács’ announcement in an interview with Keczéry mentioned that the Minister of State did not reveal many specifics apart from the launch date, indicating that further details will be outlined in the decree scheduled to be published in the Hungarian Gazette on the Monday following the upcoming election.

The on-call system was initially trialed in Hajdú-Bihar County on February 1 last year before undergoing revisions. The capital city is the final location where the revamped on-call service is being introduced due to its intricate structure.

As the implementation date approaches, stakeholders and residents in Budapest can anticipate the forthcoming changes and improvements within the healthcare system. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.



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