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Overseas Votes Brought to Turkey

Turkish Overseas Voting Completed and Transferred to Ankara Under Tight Security

On May 9th, the voting process in overseas representations for the Turkish constitutional referendum was completed. The sealed sacks containing the votes were brought to Istanbul Airport by Turkish Airlines and accompanied by election officials, a courier, and political party representatives.

The sacks containing the votes were stored in a room with seven lockable steel doors, under the supervision of judges. The signed minutes were given to officials and party representatives as well.

The sacks containing the votes will be delivered to the Foreign District Election Board in Ankara by the Arnavutköy 4th Temporary Customs Gate Election Board. The sacks will continue to arrive in Istanbul during the day.

Voting at overseas representations ended on May 9th. However, the voting process at customs gates will continue until May 14th at 5:00 pm. Security is of utmost importance and will be tightly maintained every step of the way.


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