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Overseas Votes Delivered to Istanbul Airport

The voting process for the Turkish President and Deputy Elections has been completed in foreign representations. The election documents and envelopes, which had been under guard, are now being sent to Istanbul with the help of diplomatic couriers.

Votes brought by Turkish Airlines (THY) scheduled planes are being stored in a room at Istanbul Airport, which is guarded by 7 locked doors. It’s a highly secured location to ensure that the voting process is fair and secure.

According to sources, the votes cast from abroad will be brought to Turkey by tomorrow, marking the end of the voting process. However, voters registered in the foreign electoral register can still vote at all customs gates, especially at Istanbul Airport until May 14th, at 5.00 pm.

The electoral process is closely monitored to ensure that the results are transparent and indisputable. Turkish authorities have taken necessary precautions to protect the voting process at every step of the way. All votes will be counted and the results will be announced on June 24th, when the Turkish Presidential and Deputy Elections take place.


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