Overseas votes transported to Istanbul Airport for counting

Turkish citizens living abroad have already cast their votes for the Presidential and Parliamentary elections to be held on May 14. The votes were flown to Istanbul Airport by planes accompanied by diplomatic couriers. The votes are being kept in a room with seven locked doors, as reports indicate, until their distribution to the designated counting centers. The votes are transported in specially secured envelopes, and the whole operation is meticulously organized and monitored to ensure the safety and integrity of the votes.

Meanwhile, Turkish citizens who are registered in the foreign electoral register will be able to vote until May 14 at all customs gates, especially at Istanbul Airport. The authorities are making sure that every vote is counted and that every citizen who is entitled to vote has the opportunity to do so.

The Turkish elections are closely watched both within and outside Turkey, as they are seen as a significant event that could shape the country’s future. The elections will determine the country’s President and the members of Parliament for the next term, during which important issues such as the economy, security, and foreign policy will be addressed. The Turkish people and the international community are looking forward to the elections and the outcome they will produce.


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