“Pakhtachi Liquefied Gas Station Explodes in Massive Fire”

Fire and Explosion at Liquefied Gas Filling Station in Samarkand Region

A fire and explosion occurred at a liquefied gas filling station in Yangiabad mahalla of Pakhtachi district, Samarkand region on May 9. The incident was caused by the violation of safety rules during the process of releasing gas from the MAN liquefied gas transporter to the reserve capacity at the station, according to initial investigation results.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations dispatched five fire-rescue crews to the scene, who surrounded the fire at 22:30 and extinguished it at 23:00. However, the fire still resulted in the damage of three Isuzu cars and 50-liter liquefied hydrocarbon gas cylinders in the area.

One person was reportedly injured in the incident, and the authorities are currently working to eliminate any further consequences of the accident.

As liquefied gas is a flammable substance, it is crucial for safety guidelines and regulations to be followed carefully by those handling it. The incident serves as a reminder for all establishments dealing with hazardous materials to prioritize safety measures to prevent accidents and protect the community.



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