Parental attitudes may contribute to sibling violence: Study finds.

Sibling Violence may be Caused by Wrong Parental Attitudes

According to Lecturer Zeynep Deniz Seven, the parent-child relationship is one of the most significant factors influencing the communication between siblings. Violence between siblings can cause physical, emotional, and psychological harm to children, warns Seven. Therefore, parents need to be mindful of their attitudes towards their children to prevent harmful behavior.

Sibling quarrels can occasionally be normal, but they can also result in violence, which can cause lasting effects on children. Children may learn violent behaviors from their siblings that they can bring to school and their wider environment. The causes of aggression among siblings are multiple, but the parental role is crucial. Improper parental attitudes can increase the risk of violence among siblings.

Seven listed several inappropriate parental attitudes that may cause sibling violence. Neglecting conflicts or showing indifference towards children’s problems can result in more violent acts. Inconsistent behavior can make children indecisive about how they should behave towards each other, leading to violent behavior. Parents’ violent behavior towards their children or between themselves can cause children to imitate such harmful conduct. Treating children unfairly can lead to jealousy, anger, and hatred among siblings. Finally, putting parents’ responsibilities on their children and punishing them severely for their actions can trigger violence among siblings.

To prevent sibling violence, parents should try to understand why children argue and avoid punishing them. Instead, they should teach their children problem-solving skills such as finding solutions and talking about their problems. Compassionate parenting and addressing emotional needs by showing love and attention can promote positive behavior towards each other.

In conclusion, preventing aggression among siblings requires proper parental attitudes, taking care of children’s needs, and preventing feelings of injustice. Parents should aim to create a safe, loving environment and avoid violent behavior to foster a healthy relationship between siblings.


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