“Parliament Speaker Töre Sends Heartfelt Mother’s Day Message”

Zorlu Töre, President of the Assembly of the Republic in Turkey, has recently published a message in honor of Mother’s Day. In his message, Töre talked about how mothers are the first people in our lives to guide and love us. He expressed his gratitude for the endless patience, forgiveness, tolerance, self-sacrifice, love, respect, compassion, and mercy that mothers give unconditionally. He also highlighted the strong bond between a mother and child, emphasizing that a mother’s love is the greatest and greatest of loves.

Töre acknowledged the sacrifices that mothers make, including carrying the child for nine months and carrying them in their hearts for a lifetime. He declared that mothers are the most precious possessions that anyone can possess. He then congratulated all mothers on this special occasion and wished God’s mercy on those who have passed away. He also wished patience to those mothers who have the pain of a child in their hearts and a healthy long life to all loyal mothers who dedicate their lives to their children.

In conclusion, Töre’s message serves as a reminder of the significant role that mothers play in our lives. It expresses gratitude for their love and support and appreciation for all they do.


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