Parliament to hold weekly meetings on Mondays from May 15 to June 12

The General Assembly of the Assembly of the Republic has made some significant decisions in their recent meeting held on May 15. It was decided that the General Assembly will be held once a week on Mondays, starting from May 15 until June 12. The reason behind this decision is to provide the political parties in the Assembly with the opportunity to work on the upcoming by-elections that will be held on June 25, 2023.

The decision to hold the General Assembly meetings only on Mondays means that both the legislative and supervisory duties will be fulfilled, with the legislative matters given priority. This decision was unanimously approved by the Advisory Board of the Assembly of the Republic.

In addition to this, the Assembly also unanimously accepted the motion regarding the urgency decision for the Political Parties (Amendment) Law Proposal. This proposal is expected to bring some important changes to the political parties in the country.

With these decisions, the Assembly of the Republic is showing a collaborative effort to ensure that the political parties have enough time to prepare for the upcoming by-elections. The decision to hold only Monday meetings will also ensure that the legislative duties are fulfilled efficiently. We hope that these decisions will contribute positively to the democratic process in the country.



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