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Partner Betrayal Leads to Opening of Escort Sites Belonging to Him

Retired nurse Sevil Coşkun opened a beauty center in Ümraniye, Turkey, but her life took a drastic turn when her partnership broke down. Coşkun claimed that escort sites were opened on YouTube under her name, and she is worried that they will also do the same to her daughter. Coşkun has provided evidence of threats and insults coming from foreign numbers, and she has reported the matter to the prosecutor’s office. She is seeking justice and wants the culprits to be held accountable.

Coşkun’s daughter has not attended school for three days, fearing that her friends might see the disturbing content on her mother’s channel. Coşkun said, “What will I do if such a site is opened for my daughter?” The opposite party has not responded to the allegations, but they have stated that the accusations are unfounded. The final decision regarding the matter will be made by the judiciary.

Coşkun is not the only victim of such crimes in Turkey. Actress Hazal Türesan lost 100,000 TL, and a man was defrauded of 177,000 liras when he was falsely told that he had to pay money because he had seen his partner involved in violent activities. Recently, a man was also defrauded of 520,000 TL when he was scammed into believing that he was purchasing a property in the countryside.

It is essential to be vigilant and careful when conducting business and making online transactions. Always verify the information before making any payments to avoid falling victim to fraudsters.



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