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Petkovic is Trabzonspor’s First Choice Striker Candidate

Trabzonspor Starts Transfer Negotiations for New Players

Trabzonspor, the Turkish football club, has started its transfer negotiations in line with the report of its coach Nenad Bjelica. The club has planned to release some of its current players to make room for new signings. The goal is to bring in eight new players, including right and left back, two defenders, one front libero, one central midfielder, one wing, and one striker to strengthen the team.

President Ertuğrul Doğan has already started negotiations, and the Trabzonspor management aims to finalize the deals before the upcoming camp period. Bruno Petkovic, the 28-year-old striker for the Croatian team Dinamo Zagreb, is the first choice for the offensive position.

Trabzonspor’s officials suggested adding wing player Mislav Orsic, who plays for the English Premier League’s Southampton, to the team. However, due to the exorbitant costs, the club will not make an attempt for the player. Additionally, Ukrainian striker Artem Dovbyk, whose name was mentioned in previous transfer periods, is not on the team’s agenda this year.

Trabzonspor hopes to add new players to its roster to improve its performance in the upcoming season.


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