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15,664 Used Games Donated to Turkish Schools by Denmark

A total of 15,664 used games from Denmark were successfully transported to Turkey and donated to various schools. The donation was made possible through the effort of the Copenhagen Ambassador Hakan Tekin, together with the representatives of different Turkish political parties such as the AK Party, CHP, and MHP.

The precious cargo was loaded into a minibus with diplomat plates belonging to the embassy and was escorted by two motorcycle police. It was a grand send-off as the team headed out to transport the games from Denmark to Turkey.

The games will go a long way in revitalizing the learning environment in Turkish schools. Multiple reports suggest that children spend a lot of their leisure time playing video games. While such gaming could be beneficial up to a certain extent, it also affects their studies and disrupts proper learning.

Having access to educational games is a critical need for schools in Turkey. The country is constantly dealing with budget shortfalls, making it difficult to provide students with updated and modern gaming resources.

The move was heavily lauded by local representative organizations, such as the AK Party, CHP, and MHP, who believe that the initiative will significantly impact education in Turkey. The ambassadors of both nations hope that this partnership between Turkey and Denmark serves as a signal for future collaborations.

Overall, the joint effort by both countries to enhance the learning experience of Turkish students is commendable. The donated games from Denmark will provide valuable educational materials that will go a long way in assisting students with their learning.


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