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“Police nab 15 suspects in Istanbul drug bust”

Istanbul Police Detain 23 Suspects in Anti-Narcotics Operations

The Istanbul Police Department Anti-Narcotics Crime Branch conducted 17 different operations in various districts of the city, including Çekmeköy, Beyoğlu, and Başakşehir. The operations were targeting drug trafficking activities, and as a result, 23 suspects were detained by the police.

The police teams carried out searches at the suspects’ homes and workplaces, where a large amount of drugs were found and seized. The detained suspects were taken into custody and sent to court for further investigation.

Out of the 23 suspects, 15 have been arrested and were charged with drug trafficking, while three others were released on condition of judicial control. The legal process for the remaining five suspects detained during the last operation is ongoing.

The Istanbul police department has been carrying out regular anti-narcotics operations to prevent drug trafficking and the use of illegal drugs in the city. They have been conducting extensive investigations and taking necessary precautions to keep the city safe from drug-related crimes.



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