Portugal Implements Expanded Smoking Bans

Portuguese Government Implements New Restrictions on Tobacco

The Portuguese government has taken a significant step towards reducing tobacco use with the recent approval of amendments to the anti-tobacco law. The changes aim to create a smoke-free generation in Portugal by 2040 and will come into effect in stages beginning on October 23.

The amendments will restrict the use of cigarettes and tobacco products in more areas than previously implemented, such as all restaurants, bars, and cafes with doors, windows, and covered terraces, as well as schools, hospitals, gyms, and public transport locations, among others. Moreover, the sale of tobacco will be prohibited in restaurants, theaters, gas stations, and vending machines from 2025.

The Portuguese Health Minister, Manuel Pizarro, highlighted that these measures seek to improve public health by reducing the negative impacts of tobacco smoke on non-smokers. He underscored the severe health problems caused by tobacco use and how these new changes in the law will protect citizens from second-hand smoke in public spaces.

The amendments also include restrictions on electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products. To prevent electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco from appearing harmless to consumers, the government will mandate health warnings on packaging, including text and photographs. Flavored products will also be banned.

The move to fight tobacco use in Portugal reflects a growing trend towards reducing smoking in public places around the world. The government aims to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco, protect public health, and create a smoke-free environment for future generations.


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