President Erdogan confirms May 27 as a rematch of May 14

President Erdogan Addresses Supporters at AK Party Rally in Aydın

President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at his party’s Aydın rally within the scope of election activities. The president talked about various issues ranging from the upcoming elections to the earthquake victims and international loan sharks.

During the rally, Erdogan expressed his gratitude towards more than one million people who attended the biggest meeting in the party’s history in Istanbul. He also promised to visit all provinces following the May 14 election to show support to earthquake victims.

Erdogan also criticized opposition parties for supporting LGBT rights and neglecting family values. He also accused them of corruption and lack of accountability.

Talking about the economy, Erdogan denounced the idea of borrowing money from international loan sharks and called them moneylenders, marijuana and heroin smugglers.

He urged his supporters to vote for those who fight against terrorism and support traditional family values, not those who promote LGBT rights and corruption.

President Erdogan concluded his rally by emphasizing that the AK Party always believed in the wisdom of Anatolian people and relied on God’s support. He confidently said that they know both the puppeteer and the puppeteer very well and will break this game again.


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