President Erdogan Holds Meeting with Youth in Turkey

President Erdogan Speaks About Current Issues in Turkey

Turkey’s President Erdogan recently made several statements regarding various issues in the country. In his statement, President Erdogan mentioned the high participation rate in some events and added that he does not believe in polls. He also talked about Selo, who he calls a terrorist, and said that he is currently paying the price for committing a terrorist act.

Regarding claims of journalists being in prison, President Erdogan said that there are not as many journalists as has been claimed and asked for a list of names. He also accused the CHP of holding meetings with IMF representatives behind closed doors and claimed that borrowing from the usurer is not necessary.

President Erdogan also mentioned the promises made by the Nation Alliance and asked people if they find their promises believable. He also criticized the Kızılay organization for selling tents and said that they should focus on tent production instead.

On the issue of LGBT, President Erdogan stated that their approach is against it because the family institution is valuable in their value judgments. Finally, he talked about the return of Syrians and said that the process of returning to the residences voluntarily has begun.

Overall, President Erdogan’s statements focused on various issues, including terrorism, meetings with IMF representatives, promises made by the Nation Alliance, LGBT, and the return of Syrians.


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