President Erdogan watches Aydin rally live: When and where?

President Erdogan continues his campaign for the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections which will be held on May 14th and May 28th respectively. Yesterday, he made important statements in Kırklareli, Edirne, and Tekirdağ. Today, he will attend rallies in Aydın Atatürk City Square and Adana Station Square.

The Aydın meeting is scheduled for 2:00 pm, followed by the Adana rally at 5:00 pm. Interested individuals can follow President Erdogan’s statements in Aydın on CNN TÜRK’s live broadcast.

In other news, the number of Your Supreme Council (YSK) deputies from province to province for the year 2023 has been announced. The number of deputies for each province, including Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, has been finalized. Interested individuals can find more information on this topic on CNN TÜRK’s website.

The excitement leading up to the elections continues to grow, and citizens eagerly await the results. As the campaign period draws to a close, the contenders are doing everything in their power to gain more support from the voters. The forthcoming elections promise to be a memorable and noteworthy event in Turkey’s history, and citizens are encouraged to exercise their right to vote.


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