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President Erdogan’s Urgent Statements in Istanbul

President Erdogan addresses citizens at a rally in Umraniye, Istanbul, expressing his gratitude for their love, enthusiasm, and commitment towards building a better future. He highlights the importance of Umraniye’s companionship in moving the district from a garbage dump to today’s shining star of Istanbul. Erdogan also talks about the upcoming elections on May 14th, urging citizens to defend against those who try to eliminate their opponents and promising to crush the terror and moneylenders’ bench. He distinguishes himself from the opposition by citing his record of providing century-old works and services to the country in 21 years, such as increasing natural gas access from 50 thousand households to 1 million 250 thousand. Erdogan questions the opposition’s leadership, calling out the mayor of Istanbul for being more like a tourist and criticizing Ms. Meral for doubting his decision to revive Hagia Sophia.


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