President of the Assembly of the Republic Töre Continues Holiday Visits

President of the Assembly of the Republic, Zorlu Töre, has been busy making holiday visits to various towns in Cyprus. Recently, he visited Güzelyurt, Lefke, and Kyrenia to connect with the citizens and spread some holiday cheer.

During his visits, Töre took the time to visit village cafes, houses, and various associations to personally congratulate the citizens on the holiday. He expressed his hope that the peace and happiness experienced during the Eid will continue long after the holiday season.

In addition to spreading holiday joy, Töre also discussed important issues such as the need to accelerate initiatives to end the ongoing massacre in Gaza. He highlighted the strength and support that the Turkish Cypriots receive from Motherland Turkey, emphasizing the importance of strengthening relations with the Turkish world in the future.

As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Happy Peace Operation, Töre mentioned that the state and government authorities are preparing for celebrations worthy of such a milestone. Overall, Töre’s holiday visits were not only a time for celebration but also an opportunity to discuss important issues and strengthen community ties.



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