President Tatar attends event honoring Arap Ali at BRTK

President Ersin Tatar recently attended a performance of the dance, theater, and musical production titled “Ali’m”. The event, which was held in Namık Kemal Square in Famagusta, showcased the life story of Arap Ali, the central figure in the popular folk song Famagusta Port.

Organized by the Academy Art Association, the “Ali’m” project is known for its iconic folk song that goes, “Wake up Ali, wake up”. President Tatar enjoyed the captivating performance that depicted the compelling story of Arap Ali, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

The President’s presence at the event not only highlighted his appreciation for the arts but also emphasized the cultural significance of projects like “Ali’m”. As the audience immersed themselves in the creative storytelling and mesmerizing performances, it was evident that the arts continue to play an essential role in preserving and celebrating heritage and tradition.



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