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President Ersin Tatar Inaugurates the Tatlısu Bicycle and Walking Path

President Ersin Tatar recently attended the opening of the Tatlısu Bicycle and Walking Path, a project implemented by Tatlısu Municipality. During the ceremony, President Tatar highlighted the presence of Turkish Cypriots in every area of the struggle for freedom and existence. He also emphasized the talented individuals and natural beauty of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Emphasizing the importance of sports and a healthy lifestyle, President Tatar also addressed the issue of unfair restrictions imposed on Turkish Cypriots in sports. He urged the lifting of these embargoes, stating that Turkish Cypriot athletes continue to proudly represent the TRNC flag in international competitions.

President Tatar expressed his gratitude to Tatlısu Mayor Hayri Orçan and his team for the implementation of the project, and also thanked the authorities of the Republic of Turkey for their support. With these investments and support, the TRNC continues to grow stronger.

The Tatlısu Bicycle and Walking Path is a significant step towards promoting a healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities in the region. President Tatar’s presence at the inauguration reflects the government’s commitment to improving sports and recreational facilities in Northern Cyprus.


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