President Tatar Urges Blood Donation

President Ersin Tatar Highlights Importance of Blood Donation on World Thalassemia Day

President Ersin Tatar of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has called on citizens to donate blood on May 8, which marks World Thalassemia Day. Tatar stated that non-governmental organizations, state officials, and individuals all have a vital role to play in the development of volunteer blood donation.

Tatar also reminded the public that the thalassemia test became mandatory before marriage in the country in 1980, and as a result of these measures, the birth of sick children has been prevented in the TRNC since 2001. However, with the interruption of pregnant screenings during the pandemic, babies with thalassemia and sickle cell disease have been born in recent years.

Tatar emphasized that the TRNC has become one of the world’s most beautiful examples of successful thalassemia prevention and was hailed as the first country to reset thalassemia. Still, the blood problem in the country regarding thalassemia remains valid. Therefore, the President called for collective effort to increase blood donation.

He further pointed out that public education and awareness could play an essential role in fighting thalassemia. He urged individuals from ethnic origins with high thalassemia and those who have not passed premarital screening tests to perform these tests and detect carriers, which is vital to prevent the birth of sick children.

In his message, President Tatar underlined the need to solve the blood problem and called on his fellow citizens to intensify their efforts to increase the awareness of blood donation. He stated that blood donations are vital for individuals suffering from thalassemia and other illnesses and wished everyone a healthy day on the occasion of World Thalassemia Day.


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