President Tokayev Gifts State Flag to Kazakhstan National Team for 2024 Summer Olympics

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev presents Kazakhstan’s flag to national Olympic team captain Aslanbek Shymbergenov in preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The ceremony, held in Astana, symbolized the country’s support and well-wishes for the athletes as they gear up to compete on the global stage.

The President commended the athletes for their dedication and emphasized the importance of their role in representing Kazakhstan. He expressed confidence in their abilities and highlighted the country’s strong sports infrastructure, including the recent opening of 70 sports centers with more planned for the future.

Tokayev also underscored Kazakhstan’s commitment to peace and cooperation, drawing parallels between the successful Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit and the spirit of unity and solidarity embodied in sports competitions. He encouraged the athletes to strive for success and make their country proud at the upcoming Olympics.

The national team, currently training at the Akbulak Olympic Center in the Almaty Region, received the flag with pride and determination. With the support of the President and the nation behind them, the athletes are poised to showcase their talent and dedication on the international stage in Paris.



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