“Presidential Advisor Discusses Plans After Weight Loss”

Chief Advisor to the President, Mehmet Uçum, recently appeared on CNN Türk and answered questions posed by Hande Fırat. During the interview, Uçum provided insights into a variety of topics.

Regarding the economy, Uçum stated that the government has implemented several measures to stimulate growth, including a reduction in interest rates, increased investment in infrastructure, and the expansion of lending programs for small businesses. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of reducing the national debt and increasing exports to ensure long-term economic stability.

Uçum also discussed the government’s approach to healthcare, stating that they are committed to providing access to quality medical services for all citizens. He highlighted recent investments in healthcare infrastructure and technology, including the construction of new hospitals and the implementation of telemedicine programs.

In addition to these topics, Uçum addressed foreign policy issues and emphasized the importance of maintaining strong diplomatic relations with neighboring countries. He also addressed concerns about press freedoms and the government’s commitment to upholding democratic values.

Overall, Uçum’s interview highlighted the government’s efforts to promote growth, increase access to healthcare, and maintain a strong presence in the international community. As the country continues to navigate a rapidly changing global landscape, Uçum’s insights provide valuable perspective on the government’s priorities and strategies for the future.


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