Presidential Candidate Robakhon Mahmudova’s Judicial Powers Suspended

Supreme Court Rules Judges Cannot Engage in Political Activities

The Supreme Court has clarified that judges are not allowed to engage in political activities according to the law. This announcement came after the nomination of Robakhon Mahmudova by the “Adolat” Social Democratic Party for the upcoming presidential elections.

The press service of the Supreme Court stated that while citizens have the right to elect and be elected to public authorities, judges are exempt from these activities in accordance with the constitution. The High Qualification Board of Judges suspended Mahmudova’s judicial powers in response to her nomination.

Since last year, Mahmudova has held the position of First Deputy Chairperson of the Supreme Court – Chairperson of the Judicial Collegium for Administrative Cases. It is crucial to uphold the neutrality and impartiality of the judiciary in maintaining the rule of law and promoting justice in society.

This clarification serves as a reminder to all judges of their duties to maintain a neutral stance and uphold the law. Political activities can be detrimental to the independence and fairness of the judiciary.


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