Prime Minister Üstel Stresses importance of Stability

Prime Minister Ünal Üstel of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus recently attended an event where he spoke about the achievements of the country in terms of economic and political stability. He expressed optimism for the future, stating that “Much better days await us after June,” and emphasized that they have a way to walk until 2027.

In light of the recent flood disaster, Üstel assured that necessary assistance will be provided to the affected citizens. He also met with the heads of organizations affiliated with the Kyrenia District to discuss various regional issues.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of stability in his speeches and stressed that the government will provide support to the citizens affected by the flood disaster. He assured that all damages suffered in various regions will be paid for, and that no one will be victimized.

Üstel further spoke about the accomplishments of his government, including reforms and completed projects in 2023. He mentioned the implementation of the Municipalities Reform and the opening of Ercan Airport with the support of the motherland. He also discussed ongoing projects related to green energy and the renewal of energy infrastructure.

Additionally, Üstel reiterated his commitment to completing infrastructure projects, such as the construction of roads and the development of social housing projects. He announced unprecedented support for producers, farmers, and industrialists, as well as the provision of low-interest long-term loans and exemptions for housing loans.

Finally, Üstel expressed his confidence in the future of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, emphasizing the importance of continuing the achieved stability and peace. He also highlighted the strategic projects being implemented in partnership with Turkey, specifically the Ship Traffic Monitoring Project in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In summary, Prime Minister Ünal Üstel’s recent statements reflect a commitment to economic and strategic development, as well as the well-being of the citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


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