Prioritizing Ethnic Hungarian Communities in Diplomacy: A Situation Report

Hungary’s government officials have emphasized the importance of protecting ethnic minorities, as they consider it to be a crucial aspect of their country’s diplomacy. Ferenc Kalmár, the ministerial special representative for the development of Hungary’s neighborhood policy, spoke at a conference marking Council of Europe Day, noting that Hungarians live in several countries as “indigenous minorities,” and the government’s priority is to safeguard the rights of such minorities. Kalmár further expressed regret at the lack of progress in protecting ethnic minorities worldwide, especially given the current state of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Péter Sztáray, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, echoed Kalmár’s sentiments, emphasizing the role of promoting the right of ethnic minorities to their national identity in preserving diversity and peace in Europe. However, Sztáray also criticized Ukraine for its restriction of the rights of ethnic Hungarians, leading the Hungarian government to withhold support for Ukraine’s EU and NATO aspirations until its ethnic Hungarian citizens receive proper recognition.



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