Promotion Event held for Meral Akıncı’s Books “My Child and Me” and “My Family and Me”

Meral Akıncı, the President of the Association of Supporting Women to Life, recently held a book promotion and signing day in Central Nicosia for her two new publications. Hasan Kahvecioğlu served as the editor for “My Child and Me” and “My Family and Me”, while academician Eda Yazgın and Dr. Minel Özen provided evaluations of the books.

During the event, Akıncı discussed her commitment to gender equality in her books and emphasized the short, clear messages accompanied by plenty of pictures. Her books, which focus on children’s rights, cover topics such as parental responsibilities and children’s requests from families.

The second book, titled “My Family and Me,” includes requests from both mothers and fathers in the words of their children. The event ended with a book signing and cocktail reception.

Overall, Akıncı’s publications highlight the importance of children’s rights and offer practical guidance for parents looking to enhance their relationship with their children.


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