“Propolis and Black Cumin Oil Gain Popularity as Spring Fatigue Remedies”

As winter comes to an end and spring arrives, many people experience a weakening of their immune systems and body resistance due to the seasonal transition, leading to what is commonly known as spring fatigue. To combat this issue, citizens in Eskişehir have begun turning to herbal remedies. Alper Aydın, a herbalist operating in the city for around seven years, has noted that many citizens are maintaining their immunity by taking supplements of propolis and black cumin oil.

According to Aydın, these two products are particularly popular among those experiencing spring fatigue, which occurs when the body’s immunity is insufficient to combat the effects of seasonal transition. Citizens also turn to carob molasses, royal jelly, food supplements, pastes, and soaps to improve their immunity and combat fatigue during the spring months. Aydın suggests that citizens have more opportunities to shop for these products during the summer, and while prices may be slightly higher due to increased demand and raw material costs, many people will be willing to purchase them to keep their bodies healthy and vigorous.

In conclusion, with the arrival of spring, citizens in Eskişehir are turning to herbal remedies to combat spring fatigue and maintain their body’s immunity against seasonal transitions. While some products may be slightly more expensive due to increased demand, citizens are willing to pay the price to keep their bodies fit and healthy.


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