Proposed Amendment to Election and Referendum Law Approved for General Assembly Consideration

The Law, Political Affairs and Foreign Relations Committee has unanimously approved the “Election and Referendum (Amendment) Law Proposal” and sent it to the General Assembly. The Committee, chaired by UBP Deputy Committee Chairman Yasemi Öztürk, discussed the proposal and sent it for further deliberation.

The committee also discussed the “Political Parties (Amendment) Law Proposal” presented by the UBP Group, CTP Group, DP, and YDP. However, the committee could not conclude its discussion and decided to continue deliberations at the next meeting.

During the meeting, representatives from various parties, including the Public Service Commission, Communal Democracy Party (TDP), Independence Way (BY), and New Cyprus Party were invited to share their views. The meeting was attended by UBP Deputy Yasemi Öztürk, CTP Deputy Committee Deputy Chairman Ongun Talat, UBP Deputies Sadık Gardiyanoğlu and Fırtına Karanfil, and CTP Deputy Product Solyalı.

DP Deputy Hasan Tosunoğlu, one of the proposers of the Political Parties Amendment Law Proposal, also attended the meeting. The discussions are ongoing, and further updates will be shared once the committee concludes its deliberations.


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