Putin starts process of ending arms control treaty with Europe

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin has signed a decree appointing Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov to handle the process of abolishing the Convention on Conventional Forces in Europe (CCA). Ryabkov has been designated as Putin’s official representative in the process of dissolving the AKKA and will conduct consultations with the evaluation processes in the Duma and the Russian Federation Council; the lower house of the Russian parliament.

The Convention on Conventional Forces in Europe (ECHA) was signed in Paris in 1990 and came into force in July 1992. The treaty was mainly to regulate military forces in Europe reducing the number of conventional weapons categories that include nuclear weapons, armored combat, battle tanks, artillery, warplanes, and attack helicopters. The treaty also included limitations that bound the participating nations to the agreement.

However, in 2015, Russia decided to cease its participation in the AKKA, causing concerns among other nations that regime triggers the fear of a renewed arms race that might destabilize Europe. The decision that may also increase tension in NATO countries that rely on military cooperation with Russia.

In conclusion, the appointment of Ryabkov to represent Putin in the dissolution of the AKKA signals Russia’s plan to terminate its treaty obligations under the ECHA that regulates military forces in Europe. This action would potentially impact the international community and the balance of power in Europe.



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