Rain havoc in Ankara disrupts daily routine

Heavy Rain in Ankara Negatively Affects Daily Life

On the evening of May 12th, the capital city of Turkey, Ankara, experienced heavy rainfall, which had a detrimental impact on daily life. The downpour, especially in the district of Eryaman, caused flood waters to form on the highways, leading to damaged accidents in many parts of the city. As a result, traffic came to a complete standstill in some areas.

Reportedly, a metro station in the Eryaman district was also flooded, causing difficulties for some passengers. The shower, which lasted for several hours, was intense enough to disrupt the daily rhythm of the city.

The local authorities have not yet commented on the extent of damage caused by the rainfall. However, they are urging people to stay cautious while traveling on the road, especially those living in flood-prone areas.

While rainfall is essential for the prosperity of the land, it can also bring with it various challenges, including damage to infrastructure and disruption of daily life. As such, it is essential to build sustainable infrastructure and preparedness mechanisms to minimize the adverse effects of natural disasters.


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