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Erdogan Expresses Sadness over Muharrem’s Departure from Election Race

In a recent statement, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his sadness over the departure of Muharrem Ince from the presidential election race. Erdogan claimed that Ince faced a conspiracy when he became a rival to Mr. Kemal, who came to office with tape plots. Ince, who was the main opposition candidate in the previous presidential election, faced an attack, especially when he came across people who had formed partnerships with terrorist organizations.

Erdogan further stated that he called Ince to discuss the process and how such an attack could occur, as it was known that the opposition candidate came to office with a tape conspiracy. Erdogan is concerned that there may be more attacks in the future and said that any kind of attack should be expected from such people.

Ince’s departure from the race was due to attacks and slanders that can not be accepted by really honest and dignified people. Erdogan emphasized that a person’s honor and dignity are crucial, and when faced with such slander, it is the last way out. However, the state has a duty to help and support such people, and Erdogan stated that he wishes the race had continued four quarters of the way.

The Turkish President also expressed his support for the 50 plus 1 change in the presidential election. He stated that if there are political parties that will participate in such an arrangement, the change will occur. Such a step could be taken after this election, and Erdogan is personally in favor of it.

Lastly, when asked about his attitude if he loses the election, Erdogan said that it was unnecessary even to consider such a scenario. He stated that they accept the result of the ballot box and that the People’s Alliance is the guarantee of democracy in the country. Erdogan further emphasized that they would accept any result that comes out of the ballot box as legitimate.


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