Regional Manager Attacked and Son Stabbed in Kocaeli: A News Update

Regional Manager of A News Kocaeli, Hakan Süer, and his son were attacked in Izmit Veliahmet Neighborhood Cengiz Sille Street on May 13th. The incident occurred when Hakan Süer parked his car and was walking towards the TV 41 building with his son, Umut. An unknown person cursed Hakan Süer, and when his son asked why the person was behaving in that way, three people attacked them both. Umut Süer was injured in the abdominal cavity, and the three attackers escaped from the scene. Medical teams arrived at the location and took Umut Süer to the hospital. It has been reported that Umut Süer is in good health, and the police are working to find the attackers.

The Kocaeli Journalists Association released a statement condemning the attack and expressing their support for Hakan Süer. The association expressed their desire for the attackers to be caught as soon as possible and indicated their intention to pursue the incident further. The statement also included wishes for a full and speedy recovery for Umut Süer.

The attack on Hakan Süer and his son is a worrying sign of the dangers that journalists face in Turkey. According to Reporters Without Borders, Turkey is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists, with many being subjected to harassment, intimidation, and violence. This incident highlights the need for greater protection for journalists and their families in the country.


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