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Rescue Operation Saves 46 Irregular Migrants off Muğla Coast

Turkish Coast Guard Rescues 46 Irregular Migrants off the Coast of Dalaman

The Turkish Coast Guard Command rescued 46 irregular migrants on a rubber boat off the coast of Dalaman district, according to a statement on their website. The teams were directed to the region upon receiving information about the situation.

The rubber boat was pushed into Turkish territorial waters by Greek elements before the Coast Guard arrived on the scene to take the irregular migrants ashore. The immigrants were then transferred to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management for further procedures.

This rescue operation highlights the ongoing issue of irregular migration in the region. Turkey has been a key destination for many migrants attempting to escape from their countries in recent years, and the Turkish government has been taking steps to address the issue by implementing tougher border controls and working with other countries to combat human trafficking.

The Coast Guard Command also stated that they will continue to carry out operations to prevent irregular migration and protect the lives of those who attempt to cross the sea. The recent rescue operation is a testament to their commitment to this cause.


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