Respublica Party Chair: Kazakhstan Moving towards a Fair and Just Society

Kazakhstan’s recent parliamentary election has seen the emergence of new political forces seeking positive change in the country. One of these is the Respublica party, focused primarily on economic development and entrepreneurship. Despite being a new political party with little experience in politics, the Respublica party secured six seats in the Mazhilis, the country’s lower house of parliament, gaining the attention of citizens seeking fresh perspectives in the political arena.

In an interview with the Astana Times, Aidarbek Khojanazarov, Chairman of the Respublica party, described the party’s values as transparency, digitalization, and a systematic approach in decision-making. He highlighted the significant obstacles facing Kazakhstan, including income levels, unemployment, and inflation, which he attributes to short-termism in decision-making. Despite only securing third place in the election, Khojanazarov sees their presence in the Mazhilis as a step towards a just Kazakhstan.

The Respublica party aims to foster human capital development as one of the key solutions to the country’s existing problems, recognizing the significant gaps in the education system and labor market. The party’s six deputies have actively participated in parliamentary debates and policy discussions, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in bringing about meaningful change for all citizens.

Overall, the Respublica party’s emergence as a new political force in Kazakhstan reflects a growing appetite for change and fresh perspectives in the country’s political landscape. With a focus on transparency, digitalization, and a systematic approach in decision-making, the party aims to address the significant socio-economic challenges facing Kazakhstan and foster human capital development to pave the way towards a just and fair society.


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