Revolutionizing Cargo Delivery: Introducing Drone Cargo

Cargo delivery by drone is no longer fiction. A cargo company in Turkey has successfully delivered their first cargo by drone. The drone is fast, carrying cargo up to 30 kilos and accelerating up to 100 kilometers per second. According to Fahrettin Hamzaoğlu, an official from the cargo company, drone cargoes will become a part of our lives within the next 3-5 years.

Hamzaoğlu also mentioned that many e-commerce companies overseas are already working on drone delivery. The cargo industry is keen to introduce this technology quickly. They believe that this smart delivery can be used in the logistics industry and will bring benefits to their customers.

The cargo industry is not the only one benefiting from drone technology. In flood disasters, drones have proved to be useful in search and rescue efforts. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization announced support for search efforts with drones.

It seems that drone technology has become a new era in the cargo industry, which is likely to gain momentum in the next few years. It is a promising development for the logistics industry, and for consumers who want their goods delivered faster.


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