Rising Threats of Fire: Oğuz’s Concerns

Preventive measures against fires are of great importance during the current season, according to Republican Turkish Party Famagusta Deputy Erkut Şahali. In a speech on “Fire Reality and Preparedness” at the General Assembly of the Assembly of the Republic, he emphasized that the Forestry Department should be the main responder and that cooperation with local governments is vital. Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Dursun Oğuz expressed regret over the Yeşilırmak fire and stated that the Forestry Department is working on increasing their fire-ready force team to 200 for next year. He also urged producers to remove their harvest from the roadside to avoid fires due to human error. Oğuz stressed the need for more conscious and expert personnel to be employed and for increased use of monitoring cameras. Lastly, he highlighted the importance of timely measures and working together during natural disasters.



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