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Secure and Peaceful Living for Our People in their Homeland

Gültekin Uysal, the chairman of the Democrat Party (DP), has emphasized the importance of the upcoming elections, describing them as a historical turning point. Speaking at a Women’s Gathering event organized by Tepebaşı Municipality in Batıkent district, Uysal expressed his aspirations and dreams for the nation, state, and country. He quoted former Turkish Prime Minister Demirel, stating that they do not want to live as unfortunate people in fertile lands. Instead, they want to create an environment where people can live in peace and security, where their sweat is rewarded. Uysal believes that the responsibility of the government is to make people’s lives easier, not more challenging.

Uysal added that May 14, a date that has significant meaning in Turkish history, should be turned into a national holiday. He believes that this gesture will be a breath of fresh air for the nation, and he encourages women, youth, and all citizens who believe in democracy and the republic to go to the ballot box during May 14 elections.

The Women’s Gathering event was well-attended, and many notable Turkish politicians were present, including CHP Eskişehir deputies Utku Çakırözer, Jale Nur Süllü, Tepebaşı Mayor Ahmet Ataç, and Democrat Party Eskişehir Provincial Presidency executives. It is clear that the upcoming elections are on everyone’s minds, and political leaders are eager to encourage more people to take part in the democratic process.


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