Selcuk Inan Shares Insights into Separation from Kasimpasa: Potential Damages on Both Sides

Selçuk İnan, former captain of Galatasaray and Turkish national team, spoke at the 5th Sports Summit organized by Boğaziçi University Sports Board. Answering questions from students, İnan expressed his goals for the future.

He began by thanking the organizers for inviting him and acknowledging the previous day’s appearance of Arda Turan. Speaking on Turan’s recent social media post expressing support for former teammate Mikel Arteta, now coach of Arsenal, İnan also showed his support for Turan’s coaching ambitions. “Let’s stand behind him. He will definitely be successful. I believe it 100 percent. Because stability is very important,” he said.

İnan then spoke about his departure from Kasımpaşa, where he played 12 games before parting ways. He emphasized his commitment to his personal perspective and decision-making process, and his desire to coach a team next season. “There are clubs I’ve talked to. Thanks to them, they ask about our current situation. My goal is to run a team next year. But it must be an important team or have a project. Starting with such a good team, a team with a project. I would like,” he said.

İnan also shared his long-term goal of coaching Galatasaray, but stressed the importance of waiting until he was ready and the timing was right. “Just to be able to go or from Galatasaray. I don’t want to go because I am Selçuk Inan. I will definitely explain this when the time comes and I feel ready to go there,” he said.

Finally, İnan expressed his concern and sadness for the recent earthquake in Turkey, particularly in his hometown of Hatay. He announced plans for a possible jubilee match to benefit earthquake victims and urged continuing support for those affected. “As a Hatay native, I do whatever it takes for my country and I am ready to do it in the future as well. But this is not an easy process for us. Therefore, let’s not take our hands off the earthquake zone. Let’s do whatever it takes, materially and morally, and let’s not forget,” he said.


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