Sensitivity Towards Disabled Citizens: Altuğra’s Message

Minister of Health, Monitoring Gürçağ Altuğra has stressed the need for people to always be sensitive towards those living with disabilities. His statement was made on the occasion of the Disability Week celebrated between 10-16 May every year. This week is aimed at making the lives of disabled citizens easier, as well as increasing their effectiveness and productivity in social life.

Altuğra noted that disability is not a choice but an occurrence that could happen to anyone. He also emphasized the need to protect and support disabled citizens throughout their lives. The Minister called for individuals to put themselves in the shoes of the disabled and strive to make the world a more comfortable place for them.

In a statement, Altuğra highlighted that disability is not just a health problem for the disabled and their families. It concerns everyone and requires the joint efforts of society to create a social state that produces solutions to the problems faced by disabled citizens. He underlined that they’re equal and productive members of society who deserve respect and equal opportunities.

In conclusion, Altuğra sent love and respect to all disabled citizens and their families, calling on everyone to be mindful of their needs and to create a world where they can lead comfortable and fulfilling lives.



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