Shusha unveils Ataturk Street sign to honor Turkish leader.

President Aliyev Unveils Ataturk Street Sign in Shusha

On May 9, the Ataturk Street sign was unveiled in Shusha, Azerbaijan, with President Ilham Aliyev in attendance. Aydin Karimov, the Special Representative of the President in the Shusha district, briefed President Aliyev on the planned restoration and reconstruction of the street, as well as the creation of public catering facilities there. The street measures 714 meters in length and 11 meters in width.

President Aliyev performed the unveiling of the Ataturk Street sign. Shusha, which is located in the Nagorno-Karabakh region, was recently liberated from occupation by the Armenian military, and Azerbaijan is working to restore and reconstruct the city. The unveiling of the Ataturk Street sign is one of many infrastructure improvements that the government of Azerbaijan intends to undertake in the region.


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