Sikorsky Successfully Tests First Greek MH-60R SEAHAWK Helicopters

Sikorsky Completes Testing for MH-60R SeaHawk Helicopters for Greek Navy

US company Sikorsky has successfully concluded testing for the first three MH-60R SeaHawk Helicopters produced for the Greek Navy. These MH-60Rs are set to be delivered later this year after successful completion of integration mission systems and sensor tests.

The MH-60R SeaHawk Helicopters have been confirmed to be effective air weapons capable of performing submarine and surface warfare missions from both land and ship. With 330 MH-60R and 250 MH-60S SeaHawk helicopters actively being used globally, Greece will become the seventh country to receive the maritime helicopters with Denmark, Spain, and Norway also operating similar models.

The first three MH-60R helicopters will be transported to Greece on US Navy aircraft in 2024, with an additional four to be delivered in 2025, completing the delivery of seven helicopters to the Greek Navy fleet. These helicopters will join the existing S-70B SeaHawk helicopters at Kotroni Naval Air Station.

The MH-60R SeaHawk is a multifunctional helicopter designed for transport and attack capabilities and is equipped for anti-submarine warfare. The Hellenic Navy’s MH-60Rs will be a crucial addition to their operational helicopters, further strengthening their naval capabilities.

The technical specifications of the MH-60R SeaHawk include a speed of 180 knots, powered by two General Electric T700-GE-401 engines. The helicopter is equipped with advanced weapon systems, including the AGM-114 Hellfire Anti-Tank Missile and the Mark 54 Anti-Submarine Torpedo.

The arrival of the MH-60R SeaHawk helicopters represents a significant step forward for the Greek Navy, enhancing their operational and defense capabilities.

Source:, Lockheed Martin


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