Soil-free Farming in Ankara

A greenhouse in Turkey’s capital city, Ankara, is garnering attention for its use of soilless agriculture. The greenhouse, located in the Haymana district known for its hot springs, has already harvested its first crops using domestic and national hydroponic systems.

What sets this greenhouse apart from others is its innovative approach to reducing costs and water usage. Waste thermal water is used to warm the greenhouse, thereby reducing heating costs. Additionally, 40 percent of the water used in agriculture comes from rainwater that has been collected and stored.

The hydroponic greenhouse yielded impressive results, with 108,000 root crops harvested just 28 days after the installation. This new method of soilless agriculture offers promising solutions for efficient and sustainable farming.

This greenhouse is a great example of how innovative thinking can lead to better use of resources, especially in the agriculture industry, which is one of the largest water consumers. Soilless farming, due to its reduced water usage and space requirements, could be the solution to achieving sustainable agriculture in the future.


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