“Sponsorship for Disabled Individuals Gets a Boost with New Support”

Boon Fresh Trading Ltd Supports Wheelchair Basketball Team in Turkey
Boon Fresh Trading Ltd has recently announced its sponsorship of the Foundations team competing in the Turkish Wheelchair 1st League for the Handicapped. As part of the sponsorship, a percentage of the sales from fruit juices sold in markets each month will be donated to the Vakıflar Wheelchair Basketball team.

This move by Boon Fresh Trading Ltd is seen as a positive step towards supporting disabled athletes in Turkey, where wheelchair basketball is gaining popularity. The Vakıflar team has been performing well in recent tournaments, and this partnership with the fruit juice company will provide much-needed financial support to the team.

The sponsorship deal was welcomed by the Foundations team, who expressed their gratitude to Boon Fresh Trading Ltd. The team believes that the support provided by the company will help them in their efforts to raise awareness about wheelchair basketball and encourage more people to take up the sport.

Boon Fresh Trading Ltd is committed to supporting local communities and initiatives that promote the well-being of its customers. This sponsorship of the wheelchair basketball team is just one example of the company’s efforts to create a positive impact on society.

The Turkish Wheelchair 1st League for the Handicapped is an important platform for disabled athletes to showcase their skills and compete at a high level. With the support of companies like Boon Fresh Trading Ltd, the league can continue to grow and provide opportunities for disabled athletes to achieve their dreams.

In conclusion, the sponsorship of the Foundations team by Boon Fresh Trading Ltd is a commendable move, and one that highlights the importance of supporting disabled athletes. This partnership is expected to bring positive outcomes for the Vakıflar Wheelchair Basketball team, and the broader disability community in Turkey.


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