Spring Revives Maden Creek for Nature Lovers

The Maden Stream in Sakarya’s Kocaali and Karasu districts is now a breathtaking site for nature lovers thanks to the vibrant colors of spring. The area, which was once a site for lead, borax, zinc, and gold mining during the Ottoman period, has now become a recreation area and a protected first-degree zone. The region is now home to an eco-tourism area and nature walking track developed by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the stream as it flows into the Black Sea and walk along the narrow tunnels once used for mining. In addition to that, visitors can also rest and enjoy the serenity of the waterfall that pours from around 10 meters. The hazelnut orchards surrounding the area are home to quince, cherry and plum trees that bloom in bright red and white flowers. These trees add another picturesque element to the already stunning scenery. Spring has turned the plane, poplar, willow and fir trees green, which adds to the beauty of the area. Visitors can also view the Maden Stream and its surroundings from the air. Anyone who is searching for a place to connect with nature and have a peaceful day out, the Maden Creek should be on their list.



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